1) Being at the right time at the right place. But what’re the right time and the right place? I was just thinking earlier today how would things end for me if I were starting my career now not 20 but maybe 10 years ago or even today. In that case I would not be considered a regional pioneer of electronic music. Would I be interested in electronic music at all? 20 years ago this was a novelty, a new, fresh sound, something really attractive, as we haven’t heard techno before. Was it an advantage or a handicap for me to start working in the early 90s? New interesting artists are exploding even now, but would I be attracted to contemporary electronic music as I was to that early sound?

2) Being overall artist. You have to be a producer, a really good selector, you have to have good technical skills working with mixer and all other equipment, you have to know music, have good communication with the crowd on the dance floor, and you have to know how to program the evening, when to take the party in the air or slow it down a bit. Oh and also add to this equation some charisma end performing skills. They come very handy especially at big music festivals in the USA.

3) Good Management. When you are a good overall artist you still have to have a bit of luck to pick the right management, especially for markets you’re not that familiar with. Nowadays this is even more important as anytime before as the competition is huge, the market is very dynamic and global and you can’t run everything on your own as an artist as you are travelling around all the time, producing music in between, doing press activities, attending meetings, running label …

4) Dedication stamina & hard work. I don’t think I’m very talented musician, but I love what I do as the first day of my career, I always new what I wanted to do, I risked everything for a career in music, so I am very motivated and dedicated and I’m working hard for the last 20 years to be where I am. When you think you achieved something as a new, emerging artist, did a great gig, released record on big label, reached the #1 on a really important chart … consider this a small personal victory, enjoy it and compliment yourself, but let this be your motivation to work even harder.

5) A little bit of luck. You always need a bit of luck at anything you do and in your life in general. Don’t push your luck though – lady Fortuna is a nice helper after you do the ground work, have great artists output, attractive performance, dedication as well as a hard working and capable crew behind you.