Meet our new heading – “5 Rules of Success”. Here we will post rules of success from authoritative world musicians, artist managers, DJs, industry players, etc. Hope you will find this interesting and helpful. Our first guest is famous German Dj and producer…please welcome…. Tocadisco.

1) There are no rules. Always remember. NOBODY knows how to write a hit. If they would know it they had ONLY hits but nobody does.

2) Be yourself. If you dont know who you are. Try to find your self and then be yourself. Oscar Wilde said: Be yourself – evereybody else is already taken.

3) Work hard. Success is mostly only visible when you made it to the top. Nobody sees the hard way to get there. Its a lot of work.

4) Balance yourself. Take time for things in live that have nothing to do with job and money. Friends, family, other hobbies and activities. If you dont take care of it one day all the good times have passed and you were not part of it. There are more important things in life than success and money.

5) Dont let anybody tell you what you can not do. Human beings a scared animals. Its always easier to say it will not work than risk it. Its a natural process. The most successful people walked the way less travelled. But believe me. Isf that way becomes successful they will all follow you!