1. Firstly I’d say the most important thing you need to become successful is time ! and lots it!! I read somewhere once that there is no such thing as genius, just people who work really hard and have the time to put in. I think its something like 20 hours a week for ten years till you reach a level in which you could be considered world class. Practice literally makes perfect.

2. Secondly I’d say you need is love and passion for what you do , no point trying to become an artist/dj if your just doing it for the fame or the money, cause you won’t last it out and will soon get bored and move on to something else ..love for music is what makes you sit up all hours of the day and night and sit at home when your friends are out partying cause you have tunes to write and snares to eq ..

3. Good equipment is also essential if you wanna make it , find out and research what it is you will need to make music. Read magazines, look online, be friend to other people with similar interests ..sell you house, your soul whatever it takes to get the money to be able to afford the right computers, speakers, keyboards, software etc ..you can’t make music with a tin can and a drumstick so be prepared to dig deep in your pockets….haha

4. Networking is a massive part of making it, you need to be able to make friends and get on with people in the scene that your trying to get on in. Make yourself known to the right people without being a pain in the ass and harassing people. Be careful and don’t try to hard ! Even being able to party and get drunk with people you can also be favorable i have found , means you are up for laugh and people think your cool and ok to hang with. Again don’t take this too far and get off your face and annoy the shit out of everyone. But really just try and make friends with the right people as this will help you progress and come across good opportunities. Also its amazing what you can learn of other people.

5. I think that about covers it to be honest. But the most important thing is time and sheer hard work that’s what makes the difference ..and in the end that’s what will make you a successful artist !!!