1) Don’t try to be successful – nobody wants to support someone who looks like they are trying to be big rather than trying to make great music. Also, you want to enjoy making music right? If your goal is be a success then you will become so depressed early on with your lack of success that you will probably give up.

2) Make music because you love making music – because this is far more important than becoming successful – whatever the word ‘successful’ actually means. Even if life throws loads of shit at you and never make money from your music, if you make it because you love making it, then the money or fame doesn’t matter. Making the music will make you rich through experience and happiness.

3) Help others around you to do well – if by ‘success’ you mean ‘doing well’, then always help others around you to do well – they will help you when the time comes, and you will build a network of helpful friends for life. Plus, it’s the nice way to behave.

4) Never ever try to make music that sounds like someone else’s music – do you want to be known as an originator or an imitator?

5) The day you say to yourself ‘I’m a success’ is the day you give up – if you’re a creator you can never be totally successful. Most creators would say that total success would be to have created everything worth creating – a physical impossibility. Therefore if you wake up one morning, look around your world, your life, your achievements and think ‘i’m a success’ then you have reached the end of your creative life. True creators only look at what they want to do, what they haven’t done, what they wished they had done, and how they wished they had done everything much better than they actually did.

Bonus tip – don’t expect your quest for ‘success’ to make you happy – it will be addictive and will drive you to places you never imagined, some good, some bad. Most truly happy people do not need to strive for success. Ambition is like a disease and a curse. If you are cursed with ambition, channel it well and use it to create beautiful things so that you will leave behind some good things in the world after you have completed your selfish little journey.

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