1. Dedicate as much time as possible to your craft. Given the sheer amount of people making music these days the ones who tend to rise to the top are usually the ones who work the hardest.

2. Be original – I can’t stress this one enough!! The world really doesn’t need more music that sounds like the current bestselling tracks on Beatport. By far the quickest way to gain attention is to have an individual production style.

3. Send your music to as many people as possible, even those you think might not be into it. I’ve always been really surprised at some of the people who’ve supported my music.

4. Try not to present your music to world until you really feel that you’ve given it your all. Quite often I get sent music by people who have been using a sequencer for less than a week. I’m sure there’ll be exceptions somewhere in the world but so far everyone of those demos has been absolutely awful. First impressions really are everything and this is really worth remembering when uploading your tracks to Soundcloud / sending out demos etc.

5. Have fun and enjoy what you do – this will always shine through in your music. In other words try not to force it if you’re having an off day in the studio, instead spend your time sampling or making sounds. Listening to other peoples music and arrangements can be really useful as well!