1) Follow your heart. Not your head. Going by emotion and feeling, rather than thought, has always been a big thing for me.

2) Get a good lawyer. As much as you may hate the business side of art. Make sure you have someone you can trust to look over legal things. It’s better to be a bit uncomfortable for a short period of time now. Than have to deal with repercussions for years to come.’

3) Realize you may not make a good living financially being an artists. It’s hard to look at things objectively with the industry flooded with images of superstar djs & their champagne, magazine covers, limos, private jets and entourage. Not knocking it… But, it’s sometimes a ‘labor of love’. So get into the game for the right reasons.

4) Enjoy what you do. If what you do as a producer/dj seems like work and you find yourself complaining a lot. Then maybe it’s time to really think about what you do. Life’s too short to do things you don’t want to do.

5) Have patience! Chasing butterflies doesn’t always lead to catching them. However, if you take a moment, relax and sit. Sometimes the butterfly lands on your shoulder. Sometimes things simply come to you.

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