1. Be creative

This sounds really logical but it really is one of those things that I think is important. If you are not creative and sound just like the rest then you will never stand out. I always try to keep this in mind whenever I am producing or DJing.

2. Have fun

If you don’t have fun in the thing you are doing then you should stop and find something else to do. This isn’t even about being a producer or DJ but anything work related in life. It is something that you are doing for a big part of your life and if you are not enjoying it then what’s the point?

3. Don’t let others influence you

Always think and act for yourself. Of course you can take advice from people but don’t let them completely influence you. Always stay true to yourself and the things you are doing.

4. Appreciate your fans

Your fans are so important as they are not just buying your music and tickets to your show but also promoting you to their friends. Worth of mouth is one of the best ways to be promoted so really appreciate your fans.

5. Be critical on your own work

As it is getting easier and easier to for people to start producing and djing these days it is also easier for people to be less critical on their own work. We receive so many demo’s each week a lot of the stuff that we receive just isn’t finished. It’s heading into the right direction but because people just aren’t critical on their own work they send in material that isn’t suitable to be released yet.