We asked our friends from Ganesha Promo to form 10 rules for DJs, who just start their career. The result is below.

1) Listen to and learn to appreciate different music. Really different. Discover yourself with the purpose to understand how music influences you and what is the most important point. Believe only your own feelings. Its gonna help you find in the ideal place – at the intersection of a variety of styles. This is going to be much more interesting, than just following season trend.

2) Every time you perform you must remember – you are doing it not just in front of a “crowd”, but in front of a group of people, who have their own tastes and music background. Every next track must be not just the best from your bag, but the best any listener could propose right now. Every second you must remember that your are doing very responsible mission.

3) Never play the same tracks twice at the same place in front of the same people. Even if you are a resident. Its not cool.

4) Make your technique flawless. Its going to save your time for analyzing your public and interacting with it. Look into peoples eyes, smile in response, read their thoughts and desires. Try to think like in chess, planning your dj set for a several steps further.

5) Be flexible, learn to make decisions quickly and adapt to the situation. Play good music only, but don’t encourage your selfishness and snobbery. There are going to be many clubs and people in your life. Every time tend to a maximum result. Your job is to make people dance. You are going to try a lot of methods. In other words you really need to play not only cheesy house.

6) Be discreet and well-mannered. Try not to use dirty ways of self promotion. This is not just shamefully but also not effective.

7) Never make press photos with your grandpa’s vinyl.

8) Don’t hurry to start producing EDM until you reach the highest level in DJing. To start recording perfect mixes you will need from 3 months to half a year of practice. So, you do not need to do that too frequently.

9) Respect your colleagues. Don’t be jealous, and do not consider everyone around as a competitor. Your only competitor is your laziness.

10) Do not pay attention to numerous tries to damage disck-jockey profession (mainly done by greedy, stupid and poorly mannered people). You will get all you need when time comes. At least you will enjoy your job. Its always great to at the sphere, where you are good at.